January was a solid month, with a big boost in traffic on my largest site and a good bump in affiliate revenues. Site Two also saw a huge bump in traffic along with one big affiliate sale for $300 which helped drive a big income increase on the month. Not something I expect to increase, but it shows the power of affiliate marketing, especially on higher ticket items.

Jan 2022 Results
PageviewsPV Increase/MoIncomeIncome Increase/Mo
Website One68,38129.84%$3,22926.98%
Website Two8,93657.74%$431482.43%
Website Three2,20022.63%00.00%
Website Four7720.31%00.00%

Site One crossed the 60K page view mark for the first time since March of 2021, and the $3000 Total Revenue mark, which was the first time since June 2021.

Affiliate revenues were the highest since February 2021. Additionally, I wrote an ebook last year and have it listed on Amazon. It has been generating a small amount but decided to add it as a line item here.

Income and Page Views For Site One

I really would like to see site one firmly above the $3000 total monthly revenue mark moving forward, although very lumpy affiliate revenues make this very hard to predict.

I will note that even despite the increased traffic for site one, display ad revenues were lower. January is a tough month for display ads, as advertisers pull back on budgets following the holidays and RPM (revenues per 1000 page views) are typically much lower.

MonthPage ViewsAffiliate IncomeMediaVineKDP RoyaltiesTotal Income
January 202149757$1,850.000.001,850.00
February 202169429$2,135.000.002,135.00
March 202174648$1,955.000.001,955.00
April 202159610$2,001.000.002,001.00
May 202159561$1,133.00618.001,751.00
June 202146239$2,855600.243,455.24
July 202140226$2,128612.422,740.42
Aug 202146332$1,4071,177.832,584.83
Sept 202140818$14191,076.002,495.00
Oct 202138785$1177972.002,149.00
Nov 202143347$4721,205.181,677.18
Dec 202152666$1,2671,276.0025.002,568.00
Jan 202168381$2,1341,065.0030.003,229.00

I spent the first few weeks of January building out a keyword game plan, so didn’t contribute much content in the first half of the month. However, I was inspired by a book I read, called The 12 Week Year.

The long story short is that you take your biggest goals and condense them into a period of twelve weeks where you engage in very in-depth tracking. Along the way, you provide yourself with constant feedback at the end of each week.

I set up a spreadsheet and planned out the entire month with articles I want to write with very specific titles and keywords. I find that this helps take away a lot of the distractions of ‘what to write’ that I always encounter. This way I’m more or less forced to write a specific article and it helps stick to a plan.

This led to me adding an additional 13 new posts across Site One and Site Two during the second half of January. I am also progressing quite well for February. The hardest part about committing to writing so much content on your own is not knowing what might come of it. But I certainly have proof that something is working, so for now, I’ll just stick to the plan.

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