So, from an income perspective, February was a down month as compared to January. Total revenues across all sites reached $2449, down from the $3660 in revenues generated in January. To note, Feb is obviously a shorter month, but there was some shortfall on affiliate revenues in February which led to the decline. Affiliate revenues are just too hard to predict on a month-to-month basis, but the hope is to try and get above $3000 a month more consistently in the nearer term.

Feb 2022 Results
PageviewsPV Increase/MoIncomeIncome Increase/Mo
Website One64,818-5.21%$2,232-30.88%
Website Two10,54818.04%$217-49.65%
Website Three2,100-4.55%00.00%
Website Four62-19.48%00.00%

From a blogging perspective, February was slower than I liked. I got 7 articles completed through the first two weeks of the year but got completely sidetracked over the last two weeks. This is still a side hustle and the full-time job became more of a distraction. I hate it and wish I could do the blogging full time, but at $2K-$3K per month it’s just not gonna cut it.

I keep asking myself, how do I take it to the next level. I’ve been able to produce a slow and steady climb over the past 3-4 years, but at the end of the day, I’m only maxing out at $3K per month in passive income. To triple that number would be a big feat, but it’s not something that will happen immediately at my current pace. I’m just not generating enough content to be able to hit that goal.

So, it’s either – produce more content, or think about other ways to diversify and bring in even more money than I am now. I heard someone the other day say to think about your business as if someone just acquired it. What would be the first thing they would change? I’m thinking through that now. I know there are holes in my model, some of which I’m not exactly sure of how to improve.

I’m writing this on March 22 and to date, I’ve produced no new content this month, which is not where I want to be (again, sidelined by my real job…something maybe I’ll discuss more at some point). So, for the rest of March, I need to start generating more content and planning out some ideas to hit that $10K monthly goal of passive income.

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