December turned out to be a good month for my main web property (Website One) if you were following along from my first income report from November.

Overall revenues for Website One were up 51%, with Page Views up another 22%, eclipsing the 50K mark.

December 2021 Results
PageviewsPV Increase/MoIncomeIncome Increase/Mo
Website One52,66621.50%$2,543+51.64%
Website Two5,665-6.10%$74-40.80%
Website Three1,79479.40%00.00%
Website Four64-36.00%00.00%

It was the first 50K page view month since May of 2021, so this was a very welcome rebound in traffic. Here are the traffic and income stats for Website One.

MonthPage ViewsAffiliate IncomeMediaVineTotal Income
January 202149757$1,850.000.001,850.00
February 202169429$2,135.000.002,135.00
March 202174648$1,955.000.001,955.00
April 202159610$2,001.000.002,001.00
May 202159561$1,133.00618.001,751.00
June 202146239$2,855600.243,455.24
July 202140226$2,128612.422,740.42
Aug 202146332$1,4071,177.832,584.83
Sept 20214081814191,076.002,495.00
Oct 2021387851177972.002,149.00
Nov 2021433474721,205.181,677.18
Dec 20215266612671,276.002,543.00

I do believe the traffic rebound was due to a drive in adding more content throughout Oct-Nov, in which I produced a total of 17 high quality posts, that I now are paying off handsomely in terms of added traffic.

I admittedly did nothing in December in terms of adding new posts, as I was focused on cleaning up some technical issues on the website, while also focusing on new content for Website Two. This will have to change, as I’m trying to get my head ready to add more content, although I’ve been a bit uber obsessed with content on Website Two.

Website Two traffic was lower on the month, with a 6% drop in pageviews and a 41% drop in income, albeit off a very low base still. In December, Website Two got a lot of my attention in terms of new content (five new posts) along with a lot of thinking about ways to structure things. I’ve reading up a lot lately about clustering content and I’ve been thinking through this strategy to try and build more authority.

I think clustering is a great idea and it makes a ton of sense….basically take a topic you want to cover, build a cornerstone type page with a lot of information, and link out to different posts about that topic.

I’ve been also playing around with different SEO software products – mostly AHREFS, SurferSEO, Frase and MarketMuse. All are great tools and I hope to try and review each one in the near future. In fact, my goal for the rest of January is to use these tools to help build out content maps and clusters for new content on both Website One and Website Two. These two sites are really the core of my focus right now.

One tidbit for anyone new to the monetization game; advertising RPMs, really get weak around the holidays and through the first few weeks of the new year as advertisers cut back significantly on their budgets, so I’ve definitely seen weakening display ad revenues over the past several weeks. That’s just a part of the game really.

An exciting thing happened on Website Two, which is focused on the Home niche. I have a lot of business and product reviews, some of which have been landing in the top five of Google for respective searches. I had one brand reach out to me with some concerns about their review, while wanting to clarify a few things I had wrong and which I agreed to. They also offered to send one of their products, which is quite expensive to me for a review. One thing I didn’t really plan for was free, and expensive swag, but it has begun. That actually got me a little more motivated to build out more content.

Note there was a Google Update in December which punished low quality product reviews; I don’t think my traffic was affected, as my goal from the start has been to focus on high quality, well written content across the board.

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